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  • After this terrible winter, my roofs were a mess. I needed a completely new roof installed and was so afraid of the costs that I would have to incur. I called a couple of companies around my area, including Midwest Roofing. Mark was so friendly and understanding over the phone that I felt comfortable talking to him immediately. They gave me a very reasonable estimate and stuck to their word even after a few weeks (while I shopped around for other options)
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Siding is the exterior material that is applied to the walls of a house or building and assists in shedding water and protecting the walls from the wear and tear caused by the weather. Siding can also play a key role in improving the aesthetics of a building.

Most residential buildings have one of three types of siding:

Wood Siding

Wood siding can be made from materials such as cedar, pine, spruce, and redwood. This kind of siding offers a rich, natural look to the structure. It is very versatile in style and can be used on a wide variety of homes and can be painted or stained to meet any color requirements.

Installation and repair of wood siding is relatively simple and can last many years if properly maintained. Depending on the severity of the weather it is exposed to, wood siding may need maintenance such as power washing, staining, and sealing.

One of the most common types of material used for wood siding is Cedar. This kind of wood is known for its durability and appearance. Red cedar and white cedar are two popular choices for many of our customers. Wood siding is biodegradable and a renewable source of energy.

Vinyl Siding

Similar to wood siding, vinyl siding is made using uPVC (polyvinyl chloride) weatherboading. This kind of siding is durable and cost effective. Additionally, because this product is manufactured in factories, it provides extensive color choices. Vinyl siding can be used to completely replace existing siding or can installed over older siding on a building.

Vinyl siding is available in:

• Horizontal siding
• Vertical siding
• Traditional clapboard and detailed, “shaped” siding
• Variety of textures- smooth, subtle or deep wood grain

Vinyl siding required minimum maintenance and can last for many many years.
Fiber cement Siding

Fiber cement siding popular with our customers because it is long lasting and very cost effective. This kind of siding is termite- resistant, non-combustible and also looks, feel and installs like wood siding.

Similar to vinyl siding, fiber siding is manufactured in the factory and is therefore available in a wide variety of colors and textures to suit your needs.

Fiber cement siding can withstand extreme temperatures and some manufacturers provide up to 50 years warranty for their consumers.

Call Midwest Roofing today for additional information on the different kinds of siding, samples and brochures. We have the technology and skills to repair or replace different kinds of siding that will make your home safe and beautiful.