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  • Robert T. Niles, IL
  • After this terrible winter, my roofs were a mess. I needed a completely new roof installed and was so afraid of the costs that I would have to incur. I called a couple of companies around my area, including Midwest Roofing. Mark was so friendly and understanding over the phone that I felt comfortable talking to him immediately. They gave me a very reasonable estimate and stuck to their word even after a few weeks (while I shopped around for other options)
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Residential Services

Repair and Maintenance

At Midwest Roofing, we understand that your home will need some minor or major repairs now and then. We believe in serving our clients with honesty and integrity, and do only what is needed for your home.

When you think you may need some services, call Midwest Roofing at ______. Our experts will visit your site, do the inspection and inform you about all your choices, their pros and cons, and also give you a free estimate for the costs. You can choose to work with us or get a second opinion, our offer will still hold true.

Our services will exceed your expectations and our competitive prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Benefits of Repairs and Maintenance
• Whether it’s a small or large repair project, it will save you money in the long run
• Keeping up with the maintenance of your building will help in extending the longevity of the products
• Quick and early intervention will help reduce risk of bigger problems in the future
• Building will continue looking and functioning like its new!